Meet the Inn keepers


Dragonhead Retreat is a labor of love for Kathy and Jeff, blending their strengths and dreams, personally and professionally, to create a unique venue, designed to be energy efficient, with nature and art at every turn.

“I always wanted to live in a tree house!” is Jeff’s response when B&B guests comment that it feels like they’re at the top of the trees. 

From the Retreat point of view: 
Hospitality comes easily to the innkeepers! Kathy puts folks at ease with her humor and storytelling.  Jeffrey Lee’s calm spirit and good nature ensure every guest's comfort.  Their songs and music bring harmony. 

Both were raised in large families where “everyone was welcome at the table." Kathy and Jeff kept that tradition going with daughters Faith, Alex and Jessi with monthly gatherings bringing multi-generational, diverse folks together for jam sessions, food, laughter and friendship.    

Joy in harmony:  Guests frequently make a point to drop by Edom for Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night jam sessions and/or the 2nd Saturday Artisan Trail to hear Kathy & Jeff sing/harmonize and play instruments with friends.  Guests often request on-site jam sessions to highlight their stay. 

Professionally speaking:  
Kathy Holdway has spent 35+ years training/ empowering leaders and building the capacity of nonprofit agencies.  She’s founder & president of A Circle of Ten, Inc.-Network for Collaboration and teaches a monthly 3-day grant writing workshop on site. It’s common for Dragonhead guests to return to the B&B for professional development. 

Jeffrey Lee Basehore, an Architect with 35 years specializing in energy-efficient design, technologies and construction of homes, churches and businesses, is renowned for his artistry in creating beautiful structures. Dragonhead Retreat exemplifies this. 

Kathy and Jeff are active in the Edom Area Chamber of Commerce working to increase artist and business opportunities in the area.